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With dyonix – your expert for data center relocation – you can rely on a smooth and secure relocation of your complete IT infrastructure. Our specialists will ensure that your company enters a new era of data center efficiency with minimal interruption and downtime.You can rely on our extensive industry experience and customer specific solutions to make your data center relocation a success. Discover now how we can move your business into the future!

Careful planning

Security and compliance

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Resource management

The challenge of relocating to new datacenter

Dyonix is your professional partner when it comes to data center relocation. The relocation of any active IT environment presents unique challenges for your company. Our main priority is to protect your valuable data and IT systems throughout the entire relocation process and ensure the restoration of services within an agreed framework. Aside from physically relocating hardware, it is also equally critical to ensure that data and applications function smoothly again after the move. With our many years of experience and expertise in data center relocations, we guarantee a secure and efficient transfer of your IT infrastructure. From the initial consultation to planning & coordination, dismantling & packing, transportation, installation and migration of your IT, we are your reliable partner for every step of the way.

Table of contents | Data center relocation

Planning and strategy of the data center move: “big bang” vs. “staged migration”

A crucial step in data center relocation planning is the decision between a “big bang” and a staged migration Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and our experts will discuss the most suitable method for you, depending on your system, applications and business type. . The importance of choosing the right strategy is essential to keeping downtime to a minimum. 

"Big bang" - relocation of the data center

Advantages of the "big bang" data center move

Time efficiency: The entire move is carried out on a fixed date, which can speed up the whole process.

Easier coordination: Since everything is moved at once, there are fewer phases and steps to coordinate.

Clear implementation: Once a plan is set, it is carried out without interruption, which can lead to less confusion.

Disadvantages of the big bang data center move

Increased risk: If problems occur on the day of the move, this can lead to significant downtime. Everything has to work perfectly.

Less flexibility: Changes or adjustments during the move are difficult or impossible.

Potential problems during start-up: If problems occur during start-up in the new environment, this can lead to significant delays.

"Move waves" - relocation of the data center

Advantages of the "move-wave" data center relocation

Reduced risk: The step-by-step relocation allows problems to be isolated and resolved without affecting the entire move.

Flexibility: Adjustments and changes can be made between waves.

Continuous operation: Certain parts of the data center can continue to run while other parts are moved.

Disadvantages of the "move-wave" data center relocation

Time-consuming: The entire relocation process can take a long time.

Higher coordination requirements: Each wave requires separate planning and coordination.

Potentially higher costs: The gradual relocation can lead to higher overall costs, especially if resources are tied up for a longer period of time.

Exemplary process for a data center relocation


Preparations for a smooth data center move

Preparation is the key to a successful data center relocation. This includes drawing up a phase plan, documenting the hardware, checking license and maintenance contracts and much more. It is particularly important to get an idea of the conditions on site and identify potential obstacles. Our experts at Dyonix will guide you through every step of the process, from initial planning to the successful completion of the move.

Other aspects of the data center move

A data center relocation is not only a logistical challenge, but also a technical one. It is not just a matter of moving hardware from A to B, but of relocating a company’s entire IT infrastructure without interrupting business operations. Both technical and logistical challenges need to be overcome. Dyonix offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of data center relocation, from planning and coordination to the secure transport and recommissioning of your IT systems at the new location. With our support, you can be sure that your data center relocation will run smoothly and efficiently.

The role of the IT landscape and its age before your data center relocation

Before a data center relocation, it is essential to assess the current IT landscape and the condition of the hardware. During the hardware inventory, it quickly becomes clear whether the devices are already getting on in years or perhaps no longer deliver the desired performance. In such cases, companies are faced with the decision of whether to carry out a lift & shift, in which the existing hardware is taken over 1 to 1, or to consider a tech refresh, in which outdated components are replaced with new ones. Both approaches have their specific benefits and challenges that need to be carefully considered. If you opt for an update with new hardware, the data center move is not necessary and the new hardware is implemented in the new premises. In this case, the outdated hardware will be disposed of professionally or stored.

Safe dismantling and professional packing of your IT components before the data center relocation

The first step in any data center relocation is the dismantling of the existing IT infrastructure. The Dyonix team takes the utmost care to ensure that all components are safely dismantled and prepared for transportation. Detailed documentation of each step ensures that everything can be installed smoothly and in the correct order at the new location.

Challenges when transporting your IT

The transportation of sensitive IT components poses a particular challenge. It’s not just about getting the hardware from A to B, but also protecting it from potential hazards such as shocks or environmental influences. With Dyonix, you can rest assured that your IT is in the hands of experts who have the necessary know-how and the right equipment to ensure safe transportation. In addition, all transported components are comprehensively insured to minimize any risk.

Integration and connection of IT resources at the destination data center

Once at the destination, the integration and connection phase (installation & migration) begins. Our Dyonix technicians ensure that all systems are correctly installed, configured and integrated into the existing network. Special emphasis is placed on efficient and error-free installation to ensure that your data center is fully operational again as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive support for your data center relocation

A move is always a challenge, and the demands are particularly high for a data center relocation. But with Dyonix at your side, you don’t have to worry. From the initial planning to the final installation and beyond, we are there to help and advise you. Our experts are always on hand to ensure that your data center move goes smoothly and without any unexpected surprises. Whether it’s traditional data centers, modern data centers or future-oriented cloud solutions, Dyonix is your partner for all IT-related challenges.

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