Firewall Solutions

Protect your network from internal and external attacks with next-generation firewall technology. If you have an existing solution we are also happy to work with this and use it as part of a new security concept . We support brands such as Fortigate and third-party manufacturers such as Sophos, Cisco and open source firewall solutions. Contact us today to find out more.

Fortigate Reseller

High-Performance VPN

Multiple Internet Providers

Protection against attacks

The next generation of network firewalls

The potential dangers on the Internet today are constantly evolving. Sophisticated modern attacks are able to circumvent traditional firewalls. The latest next generation firewalls identify security threats in your network in real time and impliments measures to regulate and block such traffic, according to predefined rule sets.


Network heuristics

Detailed and continuous monitoring of network traffic with real-time threat detection using Fortigate technology.Identification of unusual data traffic in the network and immediate stopping with intelligent rule sets before damage can occur.


A modern replacement for your firewall solution

Upgrade your existing firewall solution with Fortinet .We analyse the current configuration of your network and configure the new replacement firewall in advance so that it can be seamlessly integrated into your network, ready for instant deployment.


Automatic identification and control of network traffic

The latest generation of firewalls can analyse network traffic in real time and detect anomalies. It inspects data traffic right down to application level and can prioritise, restrict or even block certain applications with its set of rules

Application detection

Real-time application detection to identify threats and specifically exclude dangers in the network

Intrusion prevention

Protect your externally accessible servers and programmes from current and new attacks. With the latest Fortinet technology, we can protect your infrastructure from attacks via the Internet before your servers have been patched

Secure VPN and site networking

Our firewalls scale with your company. Allow VPN access to restricted resource groups or connect sites over the Internet. The scalability of Fortigate technology enables seamless dynamic integration of new sites and VPN areas without major adjustments to the core of the network.

Dynamic load distribution and reliability

With SD-WAN technology and dynamic routing protocols, we scale your network so that multiple internet connections can be optimally utilised. If one or more lines fail, we automatically distribute the load via alternative routes to ensure uninterrupted operation.


Optimise the security of your network by allowing only what is absolutely necessary, reducing your attack surface and securing your network. With the Fortigate Firewall, this is all possible, regardless of whether it is network, group or user-based access and regardless of whether access is attempted via LAN cable, WLAN or VPN.

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