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HCI technology combines compute and storage into a single infrastructure solution, resulting in higher efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. Traditional IT infrastructure consists of separate components such as servers, storage devices, and network devices, each of which must be configured, installed, and maintained individually. In contrast, HCI offers an integrated, software-defined infrastructure solution based on a cluster of servers.

Key benefits

Simplified Infrastructure Configuration

With HCI, companies can combine multiple servers into a cluster to build a highly available and scalable infrastructure. Each server in the cluster has compute and storage resources managed by the hypervisor software layer. This software layer enables the virtualization of compute and storage resources and makes them available to applications and workloads.

Next-Generation System Performance

HCI offers tremendous benefits in a powerful and future-proof solution for companies looking to optimize and improve their IT infrastructure. With HCI, companies can reduce operating costs, increase agility and scalability, and boost employee productivity.

Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)

At dyonix, our specialty is HCI based on Hyper-V with Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) as a cluster storage solution. This is a storage technology from Microsoft that allows you to design your storage infrastructure cost-effectively and flexibly. S2D combines standard server hardware and SSD or HDD drives to build highly available and scalable server clusters.

Key benefits

Scale-Out Design

S2D uses a scale-out design, which means that capacity and performance can be increased by adding additional servers and storage. The technology also provides an integrated failover feature to ensure constant data availability.

Azure Stack HCI

As a further development of the classic on-premises solution, Microsoft released a product called Azure Stack HCI, which is based on Server 2019 and S2D. The new operating system integrates seamlessly into the Azure Cloud and enables a unified platform for the deployment of applications and workloads with a consistent and modern licensing strategy.

Reliability and Efficiency

HCI offers a variety of benefits for businesses, including easy deployment, configuration, and management of infrastructure. Integrating compute and storage into a single solution improves efficiency, reduces space requirements, and lowers costs. In addition, scalability can be easily increased by adding more servers to the cluster.

Key benefits

Next-Generation Network

At dyonix, we design our networks with modern technologies in the 25GE and 100GE range, which enable faster and more reliable network connections. With these large bandwidths, very large amounts of data can be transferred quickly and efficiently, increasing the efficiency and performance of the entire system.

Efficient Through Consolidation

Contact us today to learn how we at dyonix can optimize and consolidate your existing IT system. With HCI technologies and the combination of compute, storage, and network resources in a single system, the efficiency of the entire system is increased. As a result, reduce the number of devices you need to operate your IT landscape and thereby reduce costs for maintenance, electricity, and cooling.

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