More performance, more security, more flexibility

With modern network technology, networks can be operated more securely, stably, and flexibly than ever before. A highly available configuration ensures round-the-clock operation, and the latest SDN technology allows a physical network to be virtually divided into several independent networks and operated simultaneously. This gives companies the flexibility to quickly adapt the network to constantly changing requirements.

Key benefits

High Availability

A highly available IT network is an essential component of the IT infrastructure of companies and organizations. It refers to the ability of the network to be continuously available and minimize downtime. A highly available network provides business continuity and ensures that critical business processes continue to run even when there are network problems.

Future-proof Performance

Network performance is a critical factor for the performance and efficiency of IT networks. With the growing demand for higher speeds and larger data volumes, the adoption of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GE) and beyond has become a necessity.

The network in your data center

Today, the use of virtualization technologies is very important in the field of next-gen network technology. Virtualization allows companies to use their network resources more effectively by running multiple virtual networks on a single physical infrastructure. This leads to better resource utilization and higher network scalability.

Key benefits

Network Segmentation

Network segmentation allows companies to better protect their networks by isolating traffic between different areas of the network. This prevents malware and attacks from spreading within the network, significantly reducing security risks. Additionally, network segmentation technologies can be used to restrict access to sensitive data and resources, ensuring that only authorized users have access.

Separable Firewalls

Together with Fortinet, we offer security solutions for multi-tenant networks that manage traffic virtually over a firewall appliance. Delegate access to the virtualized firewall appliance for individual customization by the end customer’s IT admin. Perfect for shared offices sharing a common IT infrastructure.

New-Stack Networking

While IPv4 networks are still widely used, companies can benefit from IPv6 networks, as they provide higher security and reliability and enable greater scalability. Companies should consider switching to IPv6 to be future-proof and improve their network performance.

Key benefits

Optimizations for Your Network

Companies must integrate the IPv6 protocol into their networks in the long or short term to ensure better network security, performance, and above all future-proofing. A smooth transition to IPv6 at dyonix helps minimize compatibility issues and improve connectivity for all users on modern websites, applications, and working from home.

The Future with IPv6

IPv6 connectivity is the future of the Internet and also the internal network in your company. With the help of the new IP protocol, IPv6 offers a larger number of IP addresses compared to the older IPv4 protocol, which increases the scalability of networks and enables seamless integration of IoT and other smart devices.

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